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The Planetary News Radio (Podcast) A science podcast detailing recent breakthroughs in science and technology, dispelling pseudoscience and fake news, and adventures in computer algorithms. The Planetary News
Planetary Information Engine (PIE) The Planetary Information Engine (AKA, PIE) is a Wiki project designed to bring free and open-access knowledge to the people of Earth. This project is modeled after the famous "Foundation" series by Isaac Asimov where the completion of an encyclopedia containing all human knowledge might help minimize the damage caused by the fall of the galactic empire. PIE will aim to be designed for integration with artificial intelligence and othter types of expert systems from the ground up. This means information will be integrated in a new and unique way that facilitates its accessibility to be used as a foundation for other types of data analytics algorithms, as well as a standard encyclopedia. Planetary Information Engine (PIE)
Games Take a break from science and have fun over at our currently in development Games studio. IIRESS Games
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