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Neuroscience and Video Games

Playing video games can change the brain, but what abilities can be enhanced by video games? It has been shown that video games enhance and create some useful abilities for players in real life. For instance, children who have been diagnosed with ADHD can lie down for a long time and focus on playing computer games. In some ways, video games' true advantage is not playing them on their own, but the community that develops around them.

Society has long asked the question, “Don't video games in players trigger vicious trends?” Over the years, video games have been demonized as well as commended in the press. Any possible connection between video games and violence is still being explored today.

Many surveys of the connection between violence and computer games have shown little if any connection between the two. Video games have concrete and proven advantages for long-term participants, far from being the culprit for anti-social behavior.

Actually playing video games shifts your brain structure. The latest evaluation of current video games' scientific literature and its impacts on players found some exciting outcomes. It showed that most study shows that video games genuinely change the brain and boost their effectiveness in some ways. Most of the research surveyed tried to discover a link between whether or not games create brain modifications.

What scientific evidence exists for impacts on the brain of video games? Some exciting results have been produced from the literature assessment above. First of all, playing video games actually seems to influence the attention of a player. Another finding was that playing computer games can boost the magnitude and effectiveness of visuospatial abilities in brain areas. This is due in portion to the impact of feedback from brain compensation when playing matches.

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