Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) U.S. State and Territory Rankings - 5 Day Average Change in Infection Rate

Pact-Status State/Territory Governor Party % Change (5-Day Average) 5/10/2020
Guam D 0.04
Non-Pact Partial Opener Montana D 0.09
Non-Pact Continued Stay-At-Home Hawaii D 0.26
Non-Pact Continued Stay-At-Home Vermont R 0.42
Non-Pact Partial Opener Alaska R 0.48
Eastern States Pact New York D 0.86
Virgin Islands D 0.9
Non-Pact Continued Stay-At-Home Louisiana D 1.15
Non-Pact Stay-At-Home Expiring Idaho R 1.15
Midwest States Pact Michigan D 1.25
Eastern States Pact New Jersey D 1.34
Western States Pact Nevada D 1.45
Non-Pact Continued Stay-At-Home Arkansas R 1.56
Non-Pact Stay-At-Home Expiring Florida R 1.63
Non-Pact No Stay-At-Home Wyoming R 1.85
Non-Pact Partial Opener Tennessee R 1.92
Eastern States Pact Connecticut D 1.93
Non-Pact Continued Stay-At-Home West Virginia R 1.93
Eastern States Pact Pennsylvania D 2.05
Non-Pact Continued Stay-At-Home Missouri R 2.1
Non-Pact Partial Opener Oklahoma R 2.12
Non-Pact Partial Opener Georgia R 2.12
Eastern States Pact Massachusetts R 2.12
Non-Pact Partial Opener South Carolina R 2.2
Western States Pact Washington D 2.24
Eastern States Pact Rhode Island D 2.63
Western States Pact Oregon D 2.75
Northern Mariana Islands R 2.76
Non-Pact No Stay-At-Home Utah R 2.76
Western States Pact Colorado D 2.78
Midwest States Pact Ohio R 2.97
Puerto Rico D 3.01
Midwest States Pact Indiana R 3.05
Non-Pact Continued Stay-At-Home New Hampshire R 3.08
Non-Pact Stay-At-Home Expiring Maine D 3.17
Non-Pact Stay-At-Home Expiring Texas R 3.23
District of Columbia R 3.37
Non-Pact Continued Stay-At-Home New Mexico D 3.47
Western States Pact California D 3.48
Eastern States Pact Delaware D 3.51
Midwest States Pact Illinois D 3.55
Non-Pact Partial Opener Mississippi R 3.55
Non-Pact Continued Stay-At-Home Virginia D 3.56
Non-Pact Stay-At-Home Expiring Alabama R 3.57
Non-Pact Continued Stay-At-Home Maryland R 3.6
Non-Pact No Stay-At-Home North Dakota R 3.63
Non-Pact No Stay-At-Home Iowa R 3.77
Midwest States Pact Kentucky D 3.82
Midwest States Pact Wisconsin D 3.83
Non-Pact Continued Stay-At-Home North Carolina D 3.92
Non-Pact Stay-At-Home Expiring Arizona R 4.21
Non-Pact No Stay-At-Home South Dakota R 4.97
Non-Pact Continued Stay-At-Home Kansas D 5.17
Non-Pact No Stay-At-Home Nebraska R 6.11
Midwest States Pact Minnesota D 8.33
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